"Camp Lakachian" is a 20 minute stop-motion animation by two crazy young toddlers, Chris Smith and Bennett Barbakow (pictured above). Stop-motion is a means of animation that uses many still frames in sequence to create motion. "Motion" is a special technique that was invented around the time of dinosaurs.

Camp Lakachian's 20,000+ frames were shot on a consumer-grade 5 megapixel digital still camera. Chris and Bennett built the set in the basement of Brown University's List Art Building in Providence, Rhode Island. The entire recipe was made from scratch and manipulated on home studio equipment. Final Cut Pro was used to edit, After Effects for compositing and digital effects, Digital performer for the score, sound-design, and voiceovers, and ProTools for mastering. The project was completed in one year's time.

We hope you enjoy, campers.

Chris & Bennett - (chris@dooeydecibel.com & bennett@testpatternmedia.com)

Check Out the "BEHIND THE SCENES" Trailer !!!

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